Friday, December 30, 2016

2017 Horus Heresy Army Ambitions: Pretty Boys, Smurfs, and Dickbike Riding Space Monks.

With 2016 finally circling to to toilet I wanted to lay out some of my hobby ambitions for the coming year and reflect on the current year (in terms of HH gaming). My biggest accomplishment in terms of modeling was finally completing all of the named Character Series models I own. I don't really like paiting large squads so it has always been easier for me to work individual pieces. I completed Fulgrum, Guilliman, Eidolon, Alexus Polux, Sigmusund, and Garro! I did not get much gaming in this year due to a very busy work life but I did make it to NOVA in Washington DC for two days. My Emperor's Children got trounced but I had a great time gaming and catching up with friends from previous tournaments. Next year I am hoping to focus on some different projects while finishing off some others. Here are the modeling goals I would like to accomplish and some army lists I have been working on: