Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Painting Points: Bringing order to the Madness

I will just come and say it. I buy way more models than I can ever paint. I love buying models. I love  opening up that box from Forgeworld that has finally arrived or finding that one long OOP model of obscure version of X at a games store. I even plan on painting everything I buy. Unfortunately, most of the models I buy never get painted. Either through boredom on a given project taking over or just real life getting in the way I just don't finish or get to everything I buy. I buy more and the backlog grows.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Dark Eldar Hellions

Dark Eldar Hellions

I dusted off my Dark Eldar  last night and painted up some of my Hellions that have been sitting in their case since I got them when they were released. I was reminded of how much I love the Dark Eldar models and they are going to be one of my hobby projects over the next several weeks. I have bought a ton of Secret Weapon Miniatures Alien Temple bases to rebase my entire army. They seem like they were built just for the Dark Eldar and are perfect for representing the bloodstained streets of Commorragh. They should be getting here next week. Until then, I have seven more Hellions and the Baron to paint.

Dark Eldar Hellions

Dark Eldar Helliarch

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A Brief Break from Painting White

Well, I knew it would happen at some point when I started building my Death Guard. I am tired of painting white. While building my Legion Destroyer Squad I found myself fiddling with any and every other mini project on my desk. I am taking a brief break from the Death Guard to work on some black undercoat projects, my Dark Eldar and Warriors of Chaos!