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They just won't die! Though GW pulled the plug on the Specialist Games in 2013 the community has developed a multitude of resources to keep these games alive and thriving. Below are some of my own personal favorite locations to find rules and models for these games.

Update: In Nov 2015 GW announced that the Specialist Games will be making a comeback in the near future!

General Resources
eBay: With a thick wallet and/or a little luck you can acquire most out-of-production GW items here. Just be careful not to spring the big bucks for the Specialty Games rulebooks. they are available for free many other places...

Specialist Arms : Community site dedicated to all of the Specialist Games. The real meat here is there forum which has many great resources. They also have many of the Fanatic! Magazine articles that were never posted on GW's website.

Specialist Games Catalog 2009: The last GW catalog dedicated to the Specialist Games. A good starting point to see what official models were made just before GW pulled the plug.

Battlefleet Gothic Rules

Battlefleet Gothic Models
Battlegroup Helios: An Australian store selling some beautiful ships that would be great stand ins for Imperial ships.

Games of War: Their sci fi section has astroids.

Aka Epic 40,000, Epic Space Marine, and Adeptus Titanicus (GW changed the name with every new edition)
Epic Armageddon Rules

Net Epic Armageddon: Living rulebook with all the rules and army list needed to play the 4th edition of Epic. Their tournament pack is also the official rules used at the Adepticon Epic tournament. 

Net Epic: Updated rules based upon the second edition of Epic, Space Marine. 

Tactical Command Forum: Forum dedicated to 6mm wargaming with a heavy focus on Epic 

Epic Armageddon Models

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