Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Death Guard

"For Terra and Mortarion!" Pre-heresy Death Guard Warcry

The first Space Marine Legion army that I will be building is the Death Guard. I had initially planned on doing the Emperor's Children but to make a long story short I got a little to excited on the release of Horus Heresy: Betrayal and bought way to many models and I don't want to get board painting one color. So Now I will be building two armies. I have split the lot of my models into a Death Guard force and an Emperor's Children force. I'll be starting with the Death Guard as they have decals and etched brass out right now from Forgeworld. I'll return to the Emperor's Children after they get decals and etched brass released.

Here is what I have on hand right now and will be building up for my Death Guard:


Praetor (Cataphractii Terminator Armour)

Master of Signal

Crysos Morturg (I may hold off though on converting him and wait for the FW release)


10x Cataphractii Terminators

10x Veteran Tactical Squad

2x Apothecaries

2x Contemptor Dreadnoughts


20x Legion Tactical Squad

20x Legion Tactical Squad

10x Legion Support Squad (armed with Flamers)

10x Legion Support Squad (armed with Plasma Guns)

Heavy Support

Spartan Assault Tank

2x Land Raider Phobos

2x Predators

10x Legion Heavy Support Squad

I will be starting with the veteran squad and hope to have my first couple of marines painted up by the end of the week!

FW swag for my Death Guard