Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Painting Points: Bringing order to the Madness

I will just come and say it. I buy way more models than I can ever paint. I love buying models. I love  opening up that box from Forgeworld that has finally arrived or finding that one long OOP model of obscure version of X at a games store. I even plan on painting everything I buy. Unfortunately, most of the models I buy never get painted. Either through boredom on a given project taking over or just real life getting in the way I just don't finish or get to everything I buy. I buy more and the backlog grows.

While GW loves that I buys tons of models that I may never get to finish I do not. While an obvious solution is to just stop buying new models I do not think I can go cold turkey entirely. I have come up with (stole!*) a system that will both encourage me to paint what I have while still allowing me to feed my plastic and resin addition in moderation.

Basically, for every model I paint I will award myself points. For each point I earn, I put $1 into my model fund. Here is the breakdown for how I will reward myself based on model base size:

-25mm: 1 Point

-40mm: 2 Points

-60mm: 4 Points

-75mm: 8 Points

-Monsters and Monstrous Creatures: 10 Points

-Small Vehicles: 10 Points

-Large Vehicles: 20 Points

-Super Heavy Vehicles: 40 Points

Now, I want have some bonuses also to motivate me to do certain things:

-Character: 4 Points

-Completed Unit: 4 Points

-Rebasing an Model: 0.5 Points

To keep myself honest I will post update to my points here. 

*Thanks and credit to Dale Platt for the initial idea

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