Saturday, July 20, 2013

Iron Hand Legion Test Scheme

With the release of Horus Heresy: Massacre just months away I have decided that I need to have a loyalist Legion to balance out my Emperor's Children and Death Guard (more on my ambitious Horus Heresy modeling plans will follow in the future). I have chosen the 10th Legion, the Iron Hands. I like their fluff how and they should compliment my Emperor's Children well. Here is the test scheme. Let me know what you think.


  1. Love it I particularly like the darker scheme, I did mine slightly differently and lighter but I invested in some Resin Bases and it made a big difference to the overall model. Going to grab some more from FW stuff in the Autumn.

  2. Looks great. Is that unhighlighted black with just some metallic edging/scratches?

    Can I ask how you did the base - the red sand looks perfect against the dark armour.

    1. Thanks. The armor was done as follows:

      Black Undercoat
      Heavy Dark Grey Drybrushing
      Dark Rust Wash
      Trimming painted with gunmetal
      Black Wash
      Natural Steel Sponged on for chipping effect

      The base is a Desert Basin base for Secret Weapon. It was done as follows:

      Vallejo Game Colour Desert Yellow
      Vallejo Dark Yellow Model Wash
      Dark Red Ochre Pigment