Monday, September 9, 2013

Minotaurs Chapter

"The Bronze Beast in the Darkness"

UPDATE: Minotaurs are no more. They have been cast to the warp (sold on eBay) to make room for something way cooler, a Legio Cybernetica army!

With the release of Codex: Space Marines I am going to be jumping on the bandwagon and starting a Space Marine force for the 41st millennium. In the end I narrowed it down to three chapters, the Raven Guard, Raptors, and Minotaurs. I chose the Minotaurs in the end because I am already working on marines that are pained black and green and I find the Minotaurs fluff and look to be quite interesting. Yes, I know they are "Spartans in space" who raided the set of 300 for their wargear. As usual though, Forgeworld makes something so cliche look awesome. I am really looking forward to painting up some bronze Space Greeks. I also like that they are a chapter that fights more like a Space Marine Legion with wargear from that era. I don't want to abandon 40k entirely for 30k but I really like the play style of the Space Marine Legion army so I have selected a chapter that basically is a mini Space Marine Legion. Here is what I will be building up and painting in the next several months:

Asterion Moloc
Ivanus Enkomi
Hecaton Aiakos
Command Squad
Sternguard x7
Sternguard x7
Tartaros Pattern Terminators x10
Tactical Squad x10
Tactical Squad x10
Tactical Squad x10
Tactical Squad x10
Dedicated Transports
Drop Pod x4
Razorback x4
Fast Attack
Assault Squad x10
Heavy Support
Spartan Assault Tank
Predator Executioner
Predator Executioner

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