Friday, March 1, 2013

2013 Hobby Wishlist

Ye Olde GW Wishlist Dwarf 

As part of keeping my painting and buying focused I find it helps to have a wish list to avoid being sidetracked with impulse buys. I will update this throughout the year as more items are released the I "need"and as I buy things off the list.

In no particular order:

  • Forgeworld Emperor's Children Contemptor Dreadnought 
    • I want this guy to finish of my model count on my Emperor's Children Space Marine Legion Army that is still waiting to get started
    • Purchased this and some other non-wishlist items (see below) to finish of the Emperor's Children must have list
  • Horus Heresy Book One: Betrayal
    • This one is a bit painful to think about. I recently moved and there was an accident and my copy ended up in the garbage. I would rather not think about it. :(
    • Purchased!
  • Warmill Modular Corridor Network
    • We have a Zone Mortalis board at my club and I love playing on it. The only part I don't like is how the layout feels more like a maze than a spaceship interior. I think the above terrain would be a great alternative and offer a chance to build a xenos (Tau) interior. Now, the only problem is where would I keep such a purchase in my humble apartment...
  • Forgeworld Cityscape Battlefield Sector
    • Yes, I could make my own but the attention to detail is just so great on this board that I must have it. Also, I have been playing 40k for over 11 years and still have not built a single piece of 40k terrain. This board seems like a great (and expensive!) way to start a 40k terrain collection.
  • Imperial Armour Three, Four, Nine, and Ten
    • I love the Imperial Armour Campaign books and these four would complete my collection. Three will be hard to find though as it is out of print.
    • Picked up both 9 and 10 on eBay
    • Purcahsed IA3 2nd Edition
  • Emperor's Children Transfer Sheet
    • Sadly, my favorite Space Marine Legion is also the last to get transfer love from Forgeworld. Hopefully these will be released soon.
    • I have given up on these being released any time soon and have gone with the molded shoulder pads and etched brass to make the Emperor's Children look pretty.
  • Titan Tech Priest
    • Unless they release a Caleb Decima model, this guy will be the leader of my Thallax Cohort
  • Legion MKIII Breacher Squad
    • I love the helms and the shields on these models and simply must have some.
    • I cashed in the painting points that I earned in March to buy these guys.
  • Chaos Dwarf K'Daii Destroyer
    • It hasn't been released yet but was previewed at GD2012. Lets hope that it does not share the fate of Bran Redmaw.
  • Fulgrim
    • My EC need their Fabio Primarch to lead them
  • Palatine Blade
    • Not out quite but previewed at the FW open and look great

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