Thursday, May 2, 2013

Painting Points: April Tally

I started keeping track of my painting using a points system as a way to both "control" my model purchases and too reinforce me for completing painting projects. April has not been as productive as I would like as most of free time has been spent completing grant applications for graduate school. I complete a grand total of one squad and one character.

Models completed in March:

-10x Legion Destroyer Marines

-Total Points: 10 basic points + 4 bonus points = 14 points

-1x Legion Moritat

-Total Points: 1 basic point + 4 bonus points = 5 points

Grand Total: 19 Points

This brings the current model fund total to $33.

For March I will continue working on my Legion armies. Stay tuned...

Click here for details on my painting points system.

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