Saturday, April 13, 2013

Tournament Post-mortem: 3/30/13

Two weeks ago I played in a local tournament with my Dark Eldar. I have been a bit late in posting a post-mortem on the event so here it is. Better late than never, right?

I haven't played in a real tournement since the inaugural 'Ard Boyz in 2007. Several of my friends from my gaming club talked me int participating in a tournament at another store. I chose to bring my Dark Eldar, as they are the only 40k I currently own that is remotely ready for 6th edition and is not either made up mainly of or taken from a Forgeworld list (no Forgeworld was allowed at this event). After some brief play-testing I settled upon the following list for 1850 points:

So, how does a list that is very much a relic of 5th edition hold out up in a competitive 6th Edition tournament? 

Game 1 vs Daemon of Chaos: This was my first time going against a the new Daemons codex and my inexperience did not help much in this match. I won't go into the details but in the end I was tabled by turn 5. Crushing Defeat.

Game 2 vs Grey Knights: My next opponent was a Grey Knights player of the ripe old age of 10. I won this game but it was a very unsatisfying victory as my opponent barely knew the rules. It could have even more crushing but we ran out of time before my Dark Eldar could take all of the silver dudes everyone loves to hate back to Commorough. Victory.

Games 3 vs Dark Angels with Imperial Guard Allies: One can not expect to go a tournament and not run into some level of cheese on the tabletop. I managed to avoid the double Heldrakes that seemed to populate every CSM army but instead got to face the Azrael blob squad. A combination of bad dice rolls and fatal tactical mistakes on my part cost me this game. Crushing Defeat.

So, I ended up 1-2 at the end of the day and did not take home any secondary prizes either.
As for fun, the tournament was a mixed bag. I did enjoy my first game quite a bit but my second and third  were not particularly fun. I don't mind playing kids and helping them learn the game (I rather enjoy it actaully and recognize it as being a vital part to the continued survival of the hobby) but at a tournament that I paid hard earned cash to enter in it is not fun to both teach a kid the game while at the same time hammering him into the ground. By my third game I was just to tired to really enjoy it anymore. 

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